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  • Commissioned artwork in a variety of mediums


  • 2D and 3D CAD modeling

  • Project visualization, ranging from concept renderings to production shop drawings

  • Product design services through all project phases

  • Production management

  • Prototyping - using digital fabrication as a means to rapidly prototype and test ideas - 3d printing, CNC routing, CNC plasma cutting

  • Assembly planning

  • Fabrication - With vast capabilities to fabricate using a variety of material options in house, and connections to a diverse network of 3rd party manufacturers, we will tackle projects over a wide range of scope and scale. Available fabrication services include: woodworking, metal fabrication, CNC routing, CNC plasma cutting, 3d printing, as well of a host of additional hand manufacturing processes such as casting, mold-making, foam cutting, paint and finish work, electronics systems, etc.

  • Part manufacturing: small run and one-off part manufacturing to client specs

  • Digital prototyping and interactive electronics - microcontroller programming for sensory, environmental, and a variety of other inputs and outputs.

  • Computational design solutions: using tools like Grasshopper with Rhino to rationalize design solutions that wouldn’t otherwise be possible



MISSION | Our work at Haptic Workshop focuses on developing design and fabrication solutions to non-typical design problems with an emphasis on interactive and/or entertainment based projects. Ranging in scope and scale, from artwork to architectural spaces, our mission is to leverage cutting edge digital fabrication tools and design software to explore the intersections of art, design and fabrication.

RICKEY CRUM | Rickey is a designer/fabricator, and adjunct faculty member at Southern Methodist University. Previously, he was the Lab Manager for the Deason Innovation Gym, within the Lyle school of Engineering at SMU. The DIG is a multi-disciplinary makerspace / prototyping lab open to all students at the university, and houses many tools with a focus on digital fabrication. He is also a founding member of the Offset Collective.

Rickey’s educational background is in Aerospace Engineering and Architecture, and he graduated with his Masters in Architecture from The University of Texas in 2009. Before joining the SMU team, he worked as a senior architectural designer for CallisonRTKL, a large global architecture firm, where he focused on both domestic and international commercial retail and entertainment projects. Rickey was also the Operations Coordinator for Billings Productions, tasked with the design and fabrication of life-sized animatronic dinosaurs exhibited at zoos and museums all over the world! Rickey values both old and new technologies, and pushes to integrate both in his work.  He has a passion for parametric design and digital fabrication, but you may also find him flint knapping stone tools in his spare time.

Photo by Eva Cruz 

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