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BILLINGS PRODUCTIONS: Animatronic Dinosaurs


Billings Productions is one of only a few companies in the world that produce life-size animatronic dinosaurs and giant animatronic bugs for traveling and permanent exhibits. Specializing in creating animatronic creatures for both indoor and outdoor exhibits, they also provide customized design and build services for a wide range of static and animatronic wildlife replicas. My work has been exhibited at over 20 zoos, museums, and conferences around the world, including in: France, Singapore, Australia, Japan, England, the UAE, and many locations across the US.


My responsibilities included developing concept artwork and mockettes from research and coordination with archeologists, as well as a range of fabrication processes: robot construction, sculpting/casting, airbrush artwork, and metal and fiberglass construction. Additionally, I coordinated operations for the creative departments, including scheduling assembly and general project management.

Pictures by Billings Productions and Rickey Crum


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