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BRAD OLDHAM SCULPTURE: Collection of works


Haptic Workshop worked with Brad Oldham Sculpture on a number of notable projects, such as the Buddy Holly Performance Hall Donor wall, Passages sculpture series at Energy Plaza, and Daffodil Dreams in Dallas, TX to name a few.  I supported Brad's work by providing detailed 3d modeling and visualization, and collaborated on strategies for fabrication and assembly to help bridge the gap from concept to final installation.  Working directly with Brad Oldham and core overseas and domestic manufacturers, I often provided project management and oversight on fabrication coordination and implemented strategies to increase design efficiencies.

As an example, on the Buddy Holly Performance Hall, Haptic Workshop contributed in coordination with Brad Oldham Sculpture in every aspect of the design, manufacturing, and installation process. My engagement with Brad Oldham Sculpture ranged from developing computational scripts to organize complex data sets for design layout and manufacturing, to 3D printed prototypes and model iteration for the donor pieces. I worked directly with the manufacturer to coordinate production of roughly 100 wall panels, 9000 donor picks, and precisely place over 20,000 mounting studs to ultimately create a 130' wide by 30' tall sculpture of beautifully arrayed donor picks, depicting an image of Buddy Holly playing his Fender Stratocaster guitar.

Photos by Brad Oldham Sculpture and Rickey Crum

Brad Oldham Sculpture Buddy Holly Guitar Pick Donor Wall 11.jpg
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