Hi, My name is... 

Medium: CNC milled plywood, 2x2 lumber
Year Completed: 2019
Dimensions: 8' x 8' x 8' tall

Designed in partnership with Gray Garmon, The "Hi, My name is..." parklet was created for the The Spin Spot Parklet Design Competition, hosted by Spin, Better Block Foundation, City of Denver Department of Public Works, Denver Street Partnership and Downtown Denver Partnership.

“Hi, my name is…” brings together friends and strangers into better conversations. We believe that the most powerful part
of being human is sharing our stories with each other, and we hope to use the power of design to change behaviors by
reorienting how we sit, how we face each other, and how we talk so that we may be able to connect more deeply with one

Our public spaces can often be isolating or ,even, intimidating if you are alone, but our parklet enables people to share
public space through conversations. Our design is an iteration upon the tete e tete chair, using modern technologies and
fabrication, but holding true to the original experience. Weʼve included shading, an area for games and drinks, and
multi-modal transportation docks.


Spin Blog, The Spin Spot Six Finalists Selected to Build-out Parklet Prototypes in Denver

Hi my name is_Garmon and Crum Parklet_2.