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Medium: CNC milled plywood, 2x2 lumber
Year Completed: 2019
Dimensions: 9' x 15' x 9' tall

Designed in collaboration with Jeremy Crum, FLÖ represents our entry in the FD19 design competition. The 2019 theme for the FD (Fab Day) competition was to rethink the bus stop to reduce particulate matter, and ultimately make a healthier environment for travelers.

Flow, efficiency and flexibility are all key qualities that influenced our solution for the bus stop of the future. The aerodynamic shape and site specific orientation of the front screen wall leverage the natural flow of traffic to deflect exhaust around the shelter, while also providing clear visibility of approaching buses. Instead of enclosing the shelter with solid walls, our approach is to create screen walls that provide shade and protection, with a permiability to allow clean air to flow through the structure from directions non-adjacent to the road. Our design utilizes efficient fabrication processes and low-cost readily available materials to minimize installation effort and CNC fabrication time.  CNC fabrication was prioritized for unique and complex support pieces with the primary material being standard, off-the-shelf, 2x2 lumber. Flexibility in the design of the seating provides an opportunity for users to personalize their experience and is further expressed through the modularity of the design, allowing for site specific expansion/adaptation. When it comes to usability, the multi-position seating consists of four seats per modular unit that can be raised or lowered individually whether you prefer the comfort of sitting or leaning. We combined new age fabrication and practical design to create a bus stop that will provide comfort, attraction, and safety to public transportation.

Press: Blog, FD19: Build a Better Bus Stop

Dallas Innovates, FD19 Competition: The Better Block Invites You to Rethink the Average Bus Stop

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