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GEODESIC BANDSHELL (...and it's various incarnations)

Medium: CNC milled plywood
Year Completed: 2018
Dimensions:14' diameter

The geodesic bandshell was designed to be the stage and focal centerpiece for the FD18 Design Competition event.  The design intent was to challenge the expectations of cnc-routed fabrication techniques and no-fastener assembly. Forming a full sphere, the geodesic bandshell is unique to most geodesic architecture that resembles a hemisphere or "dome" shape.   The play between the stage and the sphere is structurally necessary to stabilize the sphere, while also creating an allusion that the stage is nested within. In addition to the FD18 event, the geodesic sphere was displayed (in a slightly different configuration) at the EARTHX2018 conference in April of 2018.

Photos by Can Turkyilmaz, Jason Roberts and Krista Nightengale

Press: Blog, FD18: May the Fourth Be With You

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